Why Multishoring?

If you choose to work with Multishoring you can expect the benefits described below.

Lower costs

Labour costs in Poland are much lower than in most European Union countries. Thus, starting cooperation with Multishoring you can count on the implementation of your IT project at a price that is significantly lower than in your country.

High quality of services

Multishoring is a Polish organization of IT consultants who specialize in offshore and nearshore IT development. Our expertise is confirmed by numerous certificates as well as many projects that we have completed for demanding clients. We speak fluent English and have developed proven methods and tools. In this way, you are guaranteed a very high standard of service.

Personal meetings when necessary

Our preferred model of offshore software development presupposes personal encounters with the client at the key stages of a project. We believe that personal meetings have a very significant impact on our understanding of the client’s requirements, that they facilitate problem-solving, and consequently contribute to the efficient and timely implementation of offshore IT projects. At the same time, we limit the number of people traveling to the client’s location to a necessary minimum which results in cost reduction.

No problems with time zones

As Multishoring is in the same time zone, working with us is not associated with any of the problems that arise during cooperation with companies from geographically distant countries. You will not have to wait a whole day for a reply to your e-mail. There will be no sleepy offshore IT consultants, frustrated in the middle of the night, answering your e-mails either.

A similar culture

We have a similar history, we believe in common values, the same jokes make us laugh. It helps very much in solving problems that may occur during the implementation of an offshore IT development project.

Satisfied consultants

The model of cooperation adopted by Multishoring for offshore IT development reduces the time that our consultants spend onsite, thus staying away from home. It is very important not only for the reasons of cost reduction but also because it protects the family life for our consultants. Limiting travel to acceptable levels is a source of happiness and satisfaction for our employees, and happy people work better and more efficiently while conducting offshore IT projects.

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