Our Values

We conduct our business guided, most of all, by the following values: continuous improving standards of quality, mutually rewarding relationships, business ethics and sustainability, commitment and dedication.

Improving standards of quality

We want to provide our services based on the highest standards of work. Therefore, in the culture of our organization is to continuously improve qualifications of all our employees, and constant improvement of processes. In this way we are able to continuously and systematically improve the quality of our services.

Mutually rewarding relationships

We are interested in cooperation based on mutual benefits. We believe that this is the foundation of a long and rewarding relationship with all persons and entities in our environment, including customers, partners and employees.

Business ethics

We are committed to ethical conduct in all of our business activities and for all persons and entities in our environment. Imposing on ourselves high requirements for ethical standards, we are looking for similar values in our partners, employees and customers.


We want to grow in respect for the inalienable rights of all persons and entities in our environment, as well as caring for the environment and in harmony with the local community. At the best of our abilities, we also want to share the profit worked out to support charitable actions and projects related to our business and geographical area of operation.

Commitment and dedication

We work with commitment and dedication, which has its roots in our history. To understand this better please watch a videoclip of the Swedish metal band Sabaton. It is about the Battle of Wizna, known as Polish Thermopylae.

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