inRiver – Product Information Management Software is a partner of inRiver and offers inRiver’s Product Information Management (PIM) software development and support in a nearshoring model.

inRiver Product Information Management is an adept software for managing and distributing your product information from one single place across all sales channels.

Whether you communicate with your customers through e-channels or printed matter, you can now ensure that your product information is consistent across all your sales channels. inRiver PIM is a solution for consistently managing and re-using your product information for e-commerce, m-commerce, websites, in-store TV, product leaflets for download, iPad catalogs, printed catalogs, printed leaflets, price displays, campaign material and much more.

In the inRiver Product Information Management software, managing your data, collaborating, updating and publishing, and handling your images and media for your products, is done in one single place. inRiver PIM uses smart business rules to automate processes and integrates seamlessly with other systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, PLM). Make your product information process faster and leaner by organising your information and product marketing in a structured way.

InRiver PIM solution can communicate with any existing enterprise system, and can be adapted to any sales channel.

inRiver PIM can be implemented quicker than any other PIM-solution on the market. With, it can also be implemented and supported more cost-efficiently than ever.

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