Multishoring provided FileMaker developers to Eversfield Consultants has finished a FileMaker custom business solution project for Eversfield Consultants. This UK-based company hired’s FileMaker developers to build its custom business app for enhancing property lifecycle management.

Eversfield Consultants, providing strategic interim management services to PFI, construction and property management organizations, hired a team of’s FileMaker developers based on the recommendation from FileMaker. The team rewrote the already existing app to improve its performance. This included redesigning the database and the user interfaces, extending the app core and the reporting capabilities.

The whole project was carried out on a nearshore basis. All arrangements were made remotely, during meetings conducted via video-conferencing tools and via email communication. Also all the programming and testing work was done and accounted for remotely, using specialized tools for project management and for settling working time.

According to Eversfield Consultants, the project made it possible for the company to reduce its app development costs by half and to focus on its core business. offers custom business solutions built using the FileMaker platform under the partnership agreement signed with FileMaker in October 2013. Its services are available to both FileMaker Business Alliance members who require additional cost-effective developers and directly to FileMaker customers.

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