Concerns over nearshoring – how do we deal with them?

We realize that the beginning of cooperation on a nearshoring or offshoring basis may be accompanied by numerous concerns regarding the quality of work and profitability, such as: wouldn’t we spend more time on creating a job specification than on the actual development? Would they be able to work at the same pace as we do? They are natural and it would be strange if they were not there. With this in mind, we do our best to dispel them using tools and activities described below:

  • Personal meetings at the stage of partner selection – virtually every contract is preceded by a personal meeting with our consultant. At the meeting – at a time and place convenient for you – you can brief us thoroughly on the extent and duration of the project as well as present your expectations as to the financial terms of cooperation. During this process you will be able to form your own opinion on our competencies and communication skills
  • A senior developer for daily contacts – we designate a senior developer with experience in the technologies related to the project. His/her task – apart from the development work – is also coordinating with a counterpart on the client’s side, which includes specifying the job to be done and setting time frames for given tasks. Two senior developers with similar experience and knowledge usually get along with each other very well.
  • Risk-free model of cooperation – In order to make it easier to start cooperation we offer Risk Free criteria – when the client is not happy with the end result we simply do not issue an invoice.

We are also aware that the decision to start working together really just opens the process of building a relationship and mutual trust. That is why we constantly take steps to ensure more organized and structured collaboration. This is achieved by:

  • Periodic analysis of the methodology used to manage projects, which allows us to constantly adapt to the needs of a client;
  • Constant on-going contact and regular personal meetings on the level of senior developers and management that are useful in building a more structured model of cooperation. As a result, we are better able to solve occurring problems, which are expected and normal.
  • Openness in communication, even when things go wrong. While working on large and complex projects it may happen that a member of our team makes a wrong move. In such a situation clients can expect open communication and proactive response from us. Learn more

We do believe that together we can do business bigger, better and more flexible, and we are able to make the biggest sceptics in your comany reluctantly admit that perhaps it wasn’t such a bad idea after all to start cooperation with