BizTalk Developers for BizTalk Development

Do you need Microsoft-certified BizTalk developers to do BizTalk development? We have got them! If you wish, you can rent BizTalk Server developers from and take advantage of their skills in your BizTalk project. In that case manages outsourced BizTalk developers only in the financial and social matters. All issues related to the functioning of hired BizTalk developers in the IT project are at the client side. You can also hire both BizTalk developers and consultants from and entrust us in implementing the whole or a part of your BizTalk implementation project.

Who We Are? is the largest organization of IT consultants who specialize in offshore and nearshore IT development in Poland. The most important part of our offer is related to BizTalk Server deployments, migrations, and support projects. We have an experienced team of Microsoft-certified BizTalk Server consultants, architects and developers at your service.
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How We Work

All our BizTalk Server nearshore IT development projects are implemented based on the same repeatable process, which consists of several well-practiced steps. The start of cooperation is usually preceded by a personal meeting during which a’s BizTalk Architect analyzes the problem of a client and proposes a solution (more info). We also practice cooperating as a subcontractor in BizTalk projects enabling you to take advantage of our BizTalk developers according to your needs.
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Our Experience’s BizTalk Server consultants and architects have implemented nearshore IT projects for many global corporations, mainly from Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK, such as ABB, Skandia, Airbus Military, Vatennfall, Opel. We also have in our portfolio BizTalk implemntations in mid-sized companies operating all over Europe. Our BizTalk consultants are certified and recommended contractors of BizTalk projects implemented by Microsoft.
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Clients About Us

Looking for a partner we have reviewed candidates in many European countries. We took into account not only substantial experience and competences, but also the culture and communications skills. We are pleased that we can work with the company, which corresponds to our expectations so wellEric Surdez, Technical Applications Architecture Manager, Kelly Services.

We chose Fild.NET, a Microsoft Certified Partner, to carry out the implementation of BizTalk due to their high certified competence in Microsoft solutions and the positive experience of the previous implementation of SharePoint  – Marcin Kurkowski, CIO, Wyborowa SA.
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Why Us?

Deciding to nearshore your BizTalk Server project to you can expect the following benefits: lower costs due to lower labor costs in Poland, high quality of services, personal meetings when necessary, no problems with time zones, and a similar culture.
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Download also a white paper “Nearshoring of Software Development and IT Systems Support & Maintenance” to find out more on how you can reduce your BiztTalk development and IT support costs by half.


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