How good is our English?

Do all of our staff speak fluent English? Of course not. But everyone knows this language as much as is required by the extent of his or her communication with the client. Our linguistic competence is presented in detail below.

The position and extent of communication with the client Knowledge of English (according to the Common European Framework levels)
Project Manager – ongoing communication with the client C1-C2
Software Architect and Senior IT Developer – people designing solutions and managing a team of programmers, who communicate with the client from time to time, mainly concerning technical issues B2-C2 (very good knowledge of technical terminology in English)
IT Developer A2-C2 (good knowledge of technical terminology in English)


You may wnoder how it is possible that both our project managers and IT developers are proficient English speakers. The answer is simple. We strive to employ people with the best possible command of English. For managerial positions we have defined requirements as regards the knowledge of that language. However, when it comes to IT developer jobs we do not forget that our employees must be, above all, good programmers. So sometimes it happens that we employ IT developers with perfect English, but more often their English is average or even poor. We accept that fact as all of our employees attend English classes held at In this way they are able to improve their English significantly in a short time. You should also remember that we always try to apply resources appropriate to the tasks.