Everest: Poland Is An Ideal Place For Offshoring IT Projects

Poland has all the characteristics of an ideal place for offshoring projects, including in particular those based on knowledge, such as IT projects – Everest Group stresses in its report “Global Location Insights: October 2011 – Perspectives on Global Services Market in Poland”.

From reading the report we can learn that Poland accounts for almost one-fourth of the global services market in CEE and is witnessing double-digit growth. For this reason Everest Group has moved Poland in last months into the elite group of five most mature outsourcing countries for investment in the world, among Brazil, China, Philippines and India.

The authors of the report also point out that Poland has distinctive strengths in finance and accounting as well as IT Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) support. Factors such as availability of multi-city options, cultural affinity, and availability of high quality talent pool with distinct strengths in language skills are the reasons why leading players have placed its outsourcing centers in Poland and lots of European enterprises have outsourced e.g. IT development to Polish companies.

In the report we can find an overview of the global services market in Poland and description of the country’s distinctive strengths in global services – availability of multi-lingual skills, time zone proximity, cultural affinity to Western Europe, macroeconomic and regulatory environment, and cost savings with respect to Western Europe. The document also summarizes Poland’s role in the global sourcing portfolio of leading adopters and indicates key takeaways and implications for buyers and service providers.

Read the whole report: http://research.everestgrp.com/Product/11589 (paid publication; price: $249 (USD).