“Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore – Unsure? A 2010 Polish Perspective”

Why nearshore IT outsourcing to Poland? The answer for this question is partially contained in the “Onshore, nearshore, offshore – unsure? A 2010 Polish perspective” report of PAIZ (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency). The publication investigates the opportunities that Poland offers to the Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Sector in 2010.

The report is a result of co-operation between PAIZ, Jones Lang LaSalle, Grafton Recruitment, Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland and Ernst & Young. It presents details in the following areas of interest to the BPO/ SSC companies: labor market (most notably for R&D centers), incentives and grants for the sector as well as the real estate market.Thanks to this report corporations considering Poland as a potential destination are able to make comparisons between Poland and western European economies.

Some of the key highlights from the Report are set out below:

• Poland becomes increasingly global destination for a BPO/SSC sector due to a blend of critical factors including cultural and geographical proximity to Western Europe; high quality labour pool with a high level of education and foreign language capabilities (English, German, French amongst other); low risk profile including EU data protection and cost advantages through a combination of labor market, real estate and government/ EU incentives.

• Increasingly advanced research, analysis and consultancy processes are being relocated to Poland, which strategically support decision making processes. This gives rise to a new sub-market called Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO);

• The Polish labor market is well equipped to meet the BPO/ SSC/ R&D companies’ requirements. As opposed to BPO centers which principally focus on language competences of staff, knowledge-driven R&D centers seek predominantly specific technical skills. Average monthly gross remunerations in R&D centers amount in Poland PLN 4,200 for QA engineers, PLN 6,400 for software developers and PLN 9,500 for projects managers;

Download full version of the report.